Clear Liquid Diet Ideas

Clear Liquid Diet Ideas

The food that we consume regularly is sometimes not conducive for people who have undergone a surgery. They are recommended foods that can be easily digested, and the clear liquid diet is one such example. The foods included in a clear liquid diet leave no residue in the digestive tract and it is well suited in the post operative period. Furthermore, they cause minimal stimulation of the gastrointestinal system, thereby offering it considerable rest. Clear liquid diet ideas are mainly associated with forming a diet schedule that could be followed during the pre or post operative period. This diet is also beneficial for those who suffer regularly from gastrointestinal disorders.
Ideas for a Clear Liquid Diet
Take Your Doctor’s Advice
You are usually restricted from consuming certain foods after undergoing a surgery. In such circumstances, you should take your doctor’s advice before executing this diet plan. Since your diet will comprise liquid foods, your daily intake of calories will be drastically reduced. You might experience nausea and dizziness. You can have additional foods like fruits and vegetables to supplement the calories only after taking your doctor’s advice. Thus, the correct diet plan should be followed only under the guidance of your doctor.
The Time Frame
A clear liquid diet also acts as a detox diet. Since you are limiting yourself only to those foods that are allowed under such a diet, the digestion power of your system reduces in the long run, as a consequence of which you might suffer from various types of gastrointestinal problems when you resume your normal diet. The time period for following this diet plan should not exceed a week. You can gradually get back to your normal diet schedule after one week. However, restriction on consumption of spices, rich gravies and other types of heavy foods still remains until you recover completely.
Clear Liquid Diet Menus
Food to Eat
The variety of foods to eat is very less when you are following a this diet. You have to strictly consume only those foods that are advised by your doctor. Fruit juices should be diluted with water and the pulp discarded. As the name suggests, the liquids should be completely transparent and devoid of any solid residues. You should completely strain the soups, broths and beverages before drinking.

  • Pure water
  • Lemon water (strained)
  • Fruit juices without pulp
  • Diluted vegetable broth
  • Chicken broth
  • Ginger ale
  • Honey
  • Tea liquor (preferably herbal)
  • Black coffee
  • Energy drinks
  • Miso soup
  • Supplements (lactose free)

Food to Avoid
The list of foods to avoid will be definitely a long one because almost every type of food leaves certain amount of residue in your digestive tract. The list is more elaborate for those who are strictly being asked to be on a clear liquid diet. Those who are following it for the purpose of detoxifying their body can have a balanced diet simultaneously.

  • Fruit smoothies
  • Gravies and spices
  • Wheat products
  • Lactose products (milk and creams)
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Animal Products
  • Vegetables and their juices

The Diet Plan

  • As you can see that you are completely depending on clear liquid drinks for survival, so you can incorporate energy drinks in your diets that are devoid of lactose compounds. You can add honey and gelatin to make them flavorful. Even sport drinks are safe for consumption. Have those energetic drinks during morning hours to keep your system full.
  • Juice bars that are devoid of pulp are readily available in frozen forms, that are also safe for consumption. You can have them throughout the day to avoid feeling hungry. They are comparatively heavier than fruit juices yet clear in nature. You can purchase them from health and wellness stores and have them periodically along with clear fruit juices.
  • Chicken broths or vegetable broths that have been completely cleared are suitable for lunch or dinner. Add a little extra amount of water to dilute it without adding sauce and spices. Limit consumption of sodium during this period. Do not blend it with dairy products like butter, creams or cheese.
  • Teas prepared from chamomile and jasmine have excellent health benefits. You can also drink green tea or black tea without adding milk. Strain the tea well before drinking. You can add honey or a transparent solution of liquid jaggery to make it taste well. Black coffee can be consumed in the same way. High protein drinks that are specifically meant for people following a clear liquid diet are also allowed by doctors.

Plan a diet according to your toleration capacity so that it accentuates your recovery time. Always take the doctor’s advice before you start consuming the foods.